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Still pleased with my web site progress; in just under two months, I have put together 78 pages of content - most of which are more or less complete, though I keep going back to make small edits when I find something new to add - and a list of about 25 more posts to create. By the time the site launches, there will be over 100 pages of content and well over 1100 links. It's good to see the original vision I had for the archive back when it was a pure HTML site finally coming together using Wordpress.

More web geekery --->

I am still not satisfied with the look of the theme (Suffusion), but I have yet to find another one that has such an amazing range of admin customizations offered, or one that offers the same amount of user support from the developer. Every time I find a new theme I want to try, I install it and preview it and find that it would take considerable manual coding to get the same options Suffusion gives me out of the box. And then every time there is a theme update, I would have to redo all that manual coding because my changes won't be saved with the update (yes, I know about child themes, but I haven't learned how to do those yet!). So at this point I am going to stick with Suffusion and try to adjust the look through a rotating banner or something very basic. One day I'll have the skills to work with themes better, and at that point I'll revisit the design :-)

I am also not done researching for links on the different fan sites out there. I've gone through the German, Russian, Italian and Brazilian a-ha fan sites, plus all the major Appa fan sites, but there are still the Japanese, French and Spanish a-ha sites to comb through, plus I saved WOTM for last. And I really don't want to launch in the middle of this process, with links to discussion threads on certain forums and not on others - it could make some communities feel excluded and that's not my intention. The only reason my site is possible is because fans down the years have been so generous in sharing info with others! So I am waiting to be done that process too before launching so all the major sites are included.

Another challenge is that in some cases I have named my posts and written descriptions, and then found out I was incorrect in some way - for example I have a post named 'Aglaia' about the sail Magne did for the yacht of that name, however in his new book he calls the project 'Code One' because it is a code one sail. So I need to go back with the book and his CV in hand and make some changes to post titles and/or descriptions so it is all in agreement with Magne's own terminology. That's the only way to make sure information is presented in a way that people will be able to find it easily in the long term.

There is also the difficulty with certain events/projects not having much online content at all. For example, there are some books/monographs I want to include but don't have cover scans or any further info on. Also Magne did a few private gigs and all we know are the dates and locations - no set lists, no photos or videos, no media coverage, etc. So do I add a post for each with a tiny description, without even a thumbnail for the excerpt in category page view, and let the posts sit there empty just to be able to say every event has its own page (as I had originally intended in my optimism)? Or do I lump those gigs together into one 'Private gigs' post and list them there, so that the events are included on the site but not taking up individual but mostly empty posts? Yup, I am definitely leaving those kinds of decisions for last ;-)

Bottom line is that I still feel like the site is not ready to launch. But I am ok with this because it's taking shape well and I am such a web content geek that I am still enjoying the process. My only worry is that the site will be discovered by a fan and shared with others before I feel it is ready to be seen, especially because I haven't finished my fan site research. So I am trying to get that bit done and included as quickly as possible.

Ok, sorry for all the geekery. Moving on!

Martin Halla released his new single 'Illuminate the sky' last Friday and it's so sweet! I smile every time I hear it - mind you, not the same smile as when I hear this (which I made into my son's ringtone as a joke, since he told me the kids at school were talking about the song LOL), or when I hear this (because it's full of fun energy and the drummer is a friend) - but more like how I smiled the first time I saw this :-) (gosh, how can that have been four years ago? so much has happened since then!) It's like a discovery, and a promise of good things to come. The album will be so good!

Anyway, listen to a sample here. Right now the song is listed in iTunes Norway as being #6 on the song chart, which is awesome. Martin had said the single would be a departure from what he'd already released, and he was right. The full album is out on March 8, need to reload my Norwegian iTunes gift card before then so I can buy it :-)

Today there was an event at The Thief in Oslo for the release of Magne's new book, 'In Transit' (see photo), and on Friday The Thief will announce who has won the free nights in the new Apparatjik Suite. Not sure I'd be able to afford to stay there, so I am crossing my fingers.


Speaking of which, I finished editing my video for The Thief contest and submitted it a day before the deadline - phew! I included some quotes from the datascroll which I thought were kinda fun/related. For my first ever video editing project, without even using a storyboard or a plan when filming, I think it turned out pretty well. Then last Friday I started my video editing class and put together this little segment using two short video clips I took in Berlin in 2011:

It's nothing amazing, but it was a good exercise. I have the final two classes this Friday/Saturday, then I have to make sure I find ways to use my new skills or else I will forget what I learned. I guess it's time to come up with a video project of my own for practice!

Strangely, now that the book release has happened and the Apparatjik suite will be opened on Friday, there is nothing on the calendar for Magne that we know of except his production work with Martin and Tini, and nothing on the horizon for Apparatjik either. I don't like the silence! Here's hoping something is going on behind the scenes that we'll find out about soon :-)

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