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~ Finally a release date for In Transit, though still awaiting the English edition release date. I don't know if I am more interested to read this book, or the book Magne said he's working on that will outline Apparatjik's activities. In any case, lots of good writing from Magne to look forward to. Maybe one of these days we'll get some poetry from him too, it has been too long - although I guess he'd need another platform for that, since no one in the community goes to MySpace anymore. Of course yet another book would be welcome too ;-)

EDIT: At least one copy of the English edition has already been received by a fan, even though Press was unable to commit to a release date for the English edition yet. Strange. Anyway, from the preview pics it looks amazing, and the wait will soon be over!

~ In the course of my archive research, I stumbled on some old writings and photos on that were fun to revisit. In particular, the Hanoi diary was such a pleasure to read again, and quite unique. There is real depth in many of those lines; I can't help but notice that some of the photos from that diary are still being bandied about in the fan community, and are so familiar by now that they are like old friends when they show up in a Facebook feed or so, yet the words and the emotion he describes behind the experience seem to have been forgotten by the collective consciousness. I wonder why that is? Even I forgot about this diary, and I always try to pay attention to the narrative and not just the images along the way.

EDIT: Too funny, not 12 hours after I posted the link to Magne's 8 year old blog, someone started posting pics from that blog on Facebook. So not only does this prove my point that the photos get picked up and shared more than the words, but it also shows that people are visiting this journal (thanks for reading!). It's a shame though, the whole blog he wrote is well worth linking to, but the person didn't even explain the time/place the photos were taken in the photo description - and now the photos will be taken up and reshared on other pages by other fans and no one will know where they came from. Sigh!

~ Something else I forgot about from the old official site: don't push (but yes, do). Also: pictures. It's cool to stumble on pics from Kensaltown, back then I had no idea where these pictures were taken, and by now Kensaltown is so familiar :-)

~ Should I admit that I feel a bit sheepish for thinking/writing so much about a song that only took 10 minutes to write? Not that that particular fact should matter, I still think it's a brilliant song, and hey, I know nothing about songwriting - could be that many of my favorite songs didn't take long to write at all. But could she possibly have intended anywhere near the complex web of meaning I had infused the song with, when it only took 10 minutes to write? Maybe, maybe not. She's clearly a very good songwriter though, however long it takes her to write.

~ My friend Eve recorded this video at Desembertoner, it's an alternate angle showing more of Magne at the piano :-)

~ Go listen to this, and if you like it, you can download it in iTunes. Fab mix!

~ Making loads of progress on my site, and noticing some new traffic from Norway, Germany, Italy and the UK. I hope I can get it well into shape before it is discovered by too many people, there are still some inconsistencies in post formats and a bunch of posts yet to add. I've actually held back on tagging my posts because I didn't want them to show up in people's Google Alerts quite yet ;-)

~ January 15/16 was the 8th birthday of both the archive site and this journal - hard to believe! It's also hard to believe that on the 23rd it will be five years since Magne released 'A dot of black in the blue of your bliss' on MySpace, and about six months later Apparatjik released their first single. Where does the time go?!

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