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As I mentioned a few days ago, Magne will be performing as part of Desembertoner on December 21 at Oslo Domkirke, together with Martin and Tini from The Voice. It's not clear if they will sing and he will accompany them, or if they will perform their own stuff and he will too, or what. I've been pining for a Magne F solo concert for long enough that I am of course hoping for the latter, and that someone records it to share :-) I am sure it will be a really lovely time and place for these performances, Oslo is beautiful during the holiday season.

There is also this possibility of good live music in January. Again it isn't clear yet if Lowell will just be a guest at the hotel opening or if she is expected to perform - and if so, on her own or with Apparatjik for another special engagement. Either way it's nice that she has made this connection through working with Apparatjik, the guys seem to do a great job of creating opportunities for the people they work with.

Anyway, while these are both cool possibilities, they're designed for locals I suppose. And this is good, it's the way it should be sometimes. Still, it can get exhausting hearing about so many cool events happening elsewhere, and longing to be somewhere I'm not. This isn't a new thing, or even a music thing, for me though - I have always had a difficult time sitting things out. When I hear about something interesting happening somewhere else, I automatically begin to mentally put myself in that place, and try to figure out how to make it happen, so that in the end if I can't be there I wind up feeling disappointed - even if it was never a real possibility in the first place ;-) It would be so much better for me to learn not to allow myself to consider these events as actual possibilities, and accept that they are happening without me from the beginning *lol*

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