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So yeah, I said a while back that I was going to dig in and get caught up on, I even gave myself a deadline (knowing full well no one but me would care ;-)) to motivate myself to get it done. It was another case of me putting off work I wanted to do in favor of work I had to do, so in fact I was pretty glad that other projects had wrapped up and I could spend some real time on it. Unfortunately then a few things happened that made everything stand still for me for a while - including the sudden passing of a good friend and neighbor nearly two weeks ago - and I'm still trying to get back on track in general, not to mention in terms of regular work and non-day-job work.

Anyway, yesterday I had the day off from work and schools were open, which means I got to spend the day doing whatever I $&#% wanted to :-) And yes, I am pathetic enough to have spent the day working on three non-work web sites - and enjoyed it! You know me, I am not happy unless I am busy ;-)

Again I know no one is waiting impatiently for to get updated, but for anyone who does visit there, it probably doesn't look much different yet. That's because I did a lot of NSBN (what my boss calls 'not sexy but necessary') backend stuff that was way overdue: backing up the database, registering a new domain, updating plugins, installing a real gallery, reformatting all the images and uploading them within the new gallery, writing up a list of content needed, and looking for a new responsive theme to use. Now comes the fun part!

In the meantime, a couple of events have been announced in the MF world:

~ Should Not Be On Display - The Apparatjik Graphic Magazine Exhibition - on November 16 in Leipzig, Germany
~ Desembertoner - Magne will perform together with Tini and Martin from The Voice on December 21 at Oslo Domkirke

Plus this happened:

And also this:

It makes me all kinds of happy and proud to see the guys honored this way :-) Watching the ceremony online was one of the few bright spots in the last couple of weeks, and of course a major highlight of the past 26+ years of following the band. I so wish I could have been there, but by the time the official site announced there were seats available for fans, it was already too costly to travel to Oslo. It turned out the timing was bad personally though anyway, as things unfolded here, so I am content with the web stream and the accounts from those who were there. Still: well done, boys!

Oh, and fucking wow:

More to come ~

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