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~ Tomorrow (Europe) / Tuesday (North America) is the release of Lowell's EP, really looking forward to this! EDIT: Buy it here

~ Unfortunately things were so busy for me in the city center that I didn't manage to make it out to Blaafarvevarket to see Magne's works when I was in Norway in September. Needless to say I am disappointed to also be missing Bouquet at Galleri Trafo over the coming month. Fortunately again some friends will go see Bouquet this weekend and will hopefully share their impressions. By the way, I love the name 'bouquet', not only is it charming and celebratory, but it succinctly and no doubt perfectly symbolizes the diversity and beauty of the collection. These particular pieces have been hand-picked to be presented together, taken from over the course of 25 years, and I think it must be really interesting to see all together. And I can't help but wonder, if as the works were put together, Magne found any gaps there, for example any as yet unfulfilled artistic ambitions; or if he found a new inspiration when realizing a particular medium is not represented among his work or so.

~ I'm surprised there isn't much in the Norwegian media about the new exhibition, it looks like the paper edition of VG had a positive piece on it, but you can't access it online without a subscription.

~ Speaking of subscription only media, there was an interview with Magne last week that Jakob was kind enough to share here. In this interview, Magne says that he wants to do something different - it's not clear what that would be, but he does say it may not be art. Considering he has said he feels no need to make another solo album (which would have been my first thought/hope of 'something different'), then my next guess is that he'll write a book. In fact, that leads me to:

~ There were a couple of great interviews with Magne on that you should read if you haven't yet: first one | | second one. There is so much interesting information there, and in particular Magne says that he's "doing a book now, trying to document all the things we have done with Apparatjik. And it’s surprising how many creative things come from the fans or from the supporters." That must be quite a task to document what has happened so far and the exchange of ideas and creativity that has occurred. Let's hope the book won't take as long as In Transit and the Berlin/NODE book have taken to be released ;-)

~ Love this quote from the second article linked above: "We enjoy the fact that we have a much more direct relationship with the audience. Roskilde confirmed it. I was shocked to see how many people came. People came to the concert because everyone talked about it and no one knew what it was. No one had heard this music before, maybe, 10 or 20 people in the whole of the crowd had heard Apparatjik, but certainly not a thousand or ten thousand. It was so much fun playing to the audience that don’t know at all what to expect and then to win them over, to win the atmosphere and to make them relax and become a part of it. This is the fundamental thing about Apparatjik – to involve people and make people interested in being involved."

~ And this one is so very YES: "So far we have given the audience more than we’ve taken from them." But as part of the audience, I can't help wondering: what more could we give them? As he says, normally it's a case of people paying way more money than the band needs in order to do a show/make music, but in the case of Apparatjik, they are paying out of their own pockets to offer more and more to the people who see them perform. So there is an imbalance here, now that he's describing it this way I can see clearly how it is and that I was part of that imbalance in Berlin for example. Sure I sent in some images for the cube wall, and I did spend more than a little time on it, and enlisted my son's help, and spent $1000+ to get there as well - but nowhere near the amount of time and money they spent in getting the visuals and installation and equipment and orchestra rehearsals and custom outfits and marketing and printed catalogue and disco smart car and merchandise and financial sponsors and...they really did put a lot more *personally* into the experience than we all did. I felt lucky to be there, and I did feel like I came away from it with more than I contributed. There was no way the miniscule ticket price anywhere near equalled the 'value' of the experience we had. So it's a problem, how to contribute in equal measure, to feel as if we've given something unique too? I think that's one reason why I was so determined to contribute a remix in the SPIARH project earlier this year, I felt that they had put so much out there for us and this was one of the ways we could give something back.

~ Speaking of Berlin, I finally framed my poster! When I was in Oslo last month, I got one of the a-ha exhibition posters, and Kate at the gallery said that they always make posters in 'standard sizes'. I told her that it wasn't a standard American size, and she said, "True, but you can get a frame at Ikea!" So with that belated but helpful info, I went shopping at Ikea for frames for the pair of posters - the mat for the Apparatjik one had to be cut down a bit, but I think they both turned out great:

~ I'm knee deep in quite a few updates to and had been planning to relaunch the site on November 1 in honor of Magne's 50th birthday, but there is so much to catch up on over the last months that I doubt it'll be completely ready by then. Also there is the small matter of the Frankenstorm headed this way, businesses are already closed tomorrow and it's possible we could have power outages etc. So, rather than put a lot of pressure on myself to get everything done by Thursday, I'll just do my best and see what happens. Also debating changing the domain slightly...we'll see.

~ In a few days, Magne turns 50! Can't help remembering this article about his 40th birthday party back in 2002 ;-)

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