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Apparatjik in Oslo

In brief: WANT.

Had a discussion on Twitter the other day with someone who is missing seeing Prince (to each their own) because they took time off from school for a trip to see another band, and how it stinks when you have to miss a show you're dying to go to because of the last show you went to. Long story short: Morten Harket stole Apparatjik from me! And if you recall, I was worried about exactly that happening late last year.

Rewind a bit: I was in Oslo less than two weeks ago for two Morten Harket concerts, yes, but actually primarily for this (which was amazing and so worth it!). And naturally long after I was fully committed to that date, Apparatjik announces a free gig in Oslo to open a museum in a fabulously cool new building. It's their first ever performance in Oslo, a city I love any excuse to go to. And Lowell will be there. And no doubt Guy, whose other band finished touring just last week, and we haven't seen with Apparatjik since Berlin 2011. And probably also Rudolph the Chrome Nosed Reindeer and - why not? - an assortment of dancing pink fluffy unicorns, just because they can. I know it is not attractive to pout, especially when I have been so lucky already, but really concert gods? Really?!

So it was that when my friends and I had a wander down to Tjuvholmen the afternoon we arrived, including a visit to Stolper + Friends, we had a look around the new Astrup Fearnley museum site and outdoor sculpture park - and I had that strange feeling of future nostalgia again, only this time it was for an experience I *wasn't* going to have (the last time this happened was at the Oslo Spektrum in 2009, knowing that in a year we'd all be back there saying goodbye to our favorite band). Still, it was really nice to see the place and have an idea how it's laid out, and where the performance will be, so when the videos are online (the concert gods would not be so unjust as to deny us all videos from this, would they?) I'll kinda feel a bit closer to the experience than if I hadn't ever been there myself.

Anyway, I hope the guys have a great time performing together again this Saturday, and I hope the audience is completely blown away by it. And that people post loads of videos on youtube, of course :-)

(speaking of videos, go watch this)

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