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Lowell song premiere - 'Shake Him Off'

Apparatjik presents a new song by Lowell, 'Shake Him Off'. It premieres today and you can find it - and Lowell - in all these places:

'Shake Him Off': YouTube (with lyrics) | | Soundcloud (with collaboration story) | | Planet Notion (appropriately filed under 'Do not miss this')

Lowell: Facebook | | Twitter | | Web site

There will be a full album out this fall, called 'If You Can, Solve This Jumble'. According to Planet Notion, Lowell will have her performance debut tomorrow with Apparatjik at Roskilde:

"[...] the multi-layered music reflects the experimental nature of Apparatjik and the whole thing leaves a rather fruity, refreshing taste in the mouth, especially when sat alongside notable contemporaries. Performing her first set (um, ever) at Roskilde Festival tomorrow, Lowell is what the industry would call ‘one to watch’."

Looking forward to the full release, not least for more of Lowell's amazing vocals. Her writing is really unique as well, she co-wrote 'That's The Thing About Us', which I still have on repeat along with most of the 'everyone is one bar' draft tracks.

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