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A month since I last posted, really? Well it isn't because there is nothing going on, that's for sure.

Maybe you've already seen this and this interestingness from "Go with the Flø" last weekend? So next up is Apparatjik at Roskilde on July 5 :-)

Thanks to Aretiive of Sequential (Draft 6) fame (among others), we've got a couple of pictures of the guys rehearsing for the show next week via Twitter:

(large version)

(Aretiive works at Kensaltown with Martin and is apparently going to be performing with Apparatjik next week.)

I love how these pictures surprise people in a way by their normalness. Firstly, Apparatjik would never tweet anything so straightforward as 'band rehearsing in studio' photos, but also we're so used to the cube concept that the idea of the guys being visible to the audience is novel. They've managed to make something unextraordinary remarkable.

Really looking forward to hearing about the show, and hoping the late hour won't deter people from checking them out - and filming & uploading lots of clips to youtube, of course! But I think we can count on the Mew fans to hook us all up, since they'll undoubtedly be there in force for the festival ;-)

One week to go! After that, who knows?

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