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The Voice, part 3

On Friday afternoon, I was surprised to find The Voice finale available live online, it was exciting to be watching the show at the same time as my friends in Norway and know what was happening as different people tweeted about the show :-)

To open the show, the mentors and finalists performed 'Because The Night':

I just watched both mentor performances - 'Viva la Vida' (video | | download audio) and 'Because the Night' (video | | download audio) - and it seems like the first one was much more energized and fun, the mentors looked like a team there; whereas the last one didn't seem as much fun for everyone somehow. I thought the song choice was excellent in both cases, but perhaps lacked some sparkle I was hoping for in the finale.

Anyway, as I am sure you know already, Martin Halla is the winner! I am so pleased for him and for Magne. Here is the promo page on iTunes Norway:

Now that the season is over, I downloaded a few other songs I liked during the final four weeks, including Hege's single, two tracks by Leif Anders, 'Secret Mission' by Shaun Bartlett, and 'Pumped up Kicks' by Marius Beck. I also grabbed Sondre Lerche & Lars Vaular's single. Then I found Shaun Bartlett's two albums on Spotify and added them to my playlist - he seems to be really talented and I am looking forward to more from him. There are even more performances from the season I would have gladly paid to download, some of the duels were particularly good!

I love how a TV show can open you up to new artists, though it's interesting that I was never this engaged by the US version of The Voice. This might have to do with the fact that we outside Norway can only access the performance clips themselves, plus a few backstage clips - we don't get the backstory clips and the talent interviews and dramatic build-ups. Just performances. And that means you can form an opinion and a connection on your own and not be wading through the media clutter that goes along with these reality shows. Hmm, well actually I don't know if the Norwegian show does all this or not - not having seen anything but the performance clips, I guess I shouldn't jump to conclusions. But the American show does do all that, and maybe that's why I am not as engaged and downloading songs from those artists. It's just a lot of noise.

As much as I enjoyed the season, I am a little relieved that it's finally over. I've been sort of holding my breath waiting for news of Apparatjik concerts and other happenings, in a way everything seemed to be on hold while Magne was focused on The Voice and the other projects he had going on this spring (of course Coldplay has been touring a lot during that time too, and no doubt Martin and Jonas have been busy as well). So now the guys must be preparing for Roskilde...and the rumored fall 2012 Apparatjik shows perhaps? Right now I have a couple of big concerts on the horizon (Keane in a couple of weeks and Coldplay in early July), but there is still a question mark where an Apparatjik show should be in my calendar. I need to plan/save money/organize time off/save money/plan!

In the meantime, I will be pining for Flø and Roskilde. Both events sound amazing in different ways, so I am looking forward to hearing about them from folks who get to go :-)

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