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disconnected randomness 7

~ Looking back at the SPIARH draft process and my listening stats over the last six months or so, my favorite draft versions are Draft 2, Draft 5 and Draft 8. Also it appears that I spent so much time fiddling with 'Do It Myself' when trying to mix it that I can't listen to it (much) anymore.

~ I have a vague feeling that some things in the draft process flew right over my head. When Martin posted on FB before Christmas, he said something about hidden surprises (or so) and that there were some we hadn't found yet. I'm not sure that collectively we did as much sleuthing as we could have, possibly the time of year was a factor and people were distracted. I am not worried so much about 'missing something' but thinking more about the guys putting Easter eggs out there for us to find and it's a shame if they didn't get to watch us discover them.

~ Tomorrow night is the Voice final, and TV2 reported that the mentors would be performing again. Also today Aleksander sent out a photo on Twitter of Magne (on piano) and Sondre (on guitar) on stage rehearsing for tomorrow. Can't wait to see what they perform!

~ Some friends were at the opening of Magne's exhibition at Blaafarveværket last weekend, and shared pictures of the art on FB. The works span 20 years or so and form an interesting retrospective. For some reason I thought the exhibition ended in August, but apparently it ends in late September - which means I'll be able to visit when I am in Oslo :-) Also, watch this.

Let's see, what else? Oh right ~

~ Apparatjik at Roskilde! Orange stage! No cube! Our faces...somehow! Haven't sent a photo in yet but I guess time is running out so I have to get it done soon.

~ Magne will be at Go With the Flø 2012, where he will perform music he wrote for the largest mobile horn system. He'll also perform with Robyn Hitchcock and his works will be included in a group exhibition. I don't know what it is about Flø, but it seems from pictures to be too beautiful to be true. But then most of Norway is like that :-)

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