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disconnected randomness 6

Today's updates in list form:

~ The man himself is on Twitter, follow him here (sidebar link also updated --->)

~ Tonight is the premiere of 'The Voice' in Norway. It is possible to subscribe to TV2 from outside Norway and watch the show on your computer more info here.

EDIT: I can't help but think that if I'd been a little lucky and planned better in advance, I might have been at the taping of this episode on December 5 (I left Oslo on that day, missed it by just a few hours!). Anyway, you can keep track of the talent teams here and you can watch the blind auditions from last week here. So it looks like no subscription is needed to watch the most important parts of the show, which is good!

~ The concensus among fans on Twitter seems to be that the 'nerd glasses and graying chin scruff' are a good look for mf - and I gotta agree

~ The Voice coaches performing 'Viva La Vida' ---> file under 'awesome'

I am not ashamed to admit I have watched that clip a dozen times at least since Friday :-) It's so great to see Magne on stage again, and he sounded amazing.

~ Apparatjik and Bowers & Wilkins have made 'Square Peg In A Round Hole' available in all its 24-bit glory! Download the album (draft 1 version) for free on Apparatjik's Facebook. This is a superior quality sound version of the album and should be listened to in 24-bit with the best speakers you can find, preferably in the semi-dark surrounded by friends in a chilled-out mood on a Friday afternoon ;-) However if you have trouble listening to the files for any reason, you can still download the MP3 version of the album over here and on SoundCloud.

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