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I was going to post about my mixing progress, but the arrival of Draft 5 distracted me. And that's because IMO it's the most distracting draft since #2. If you don't have it yet, what are you waiting for? Go get it.

(psst, it's over here)

Random drafting observations:

~ Draft 5 has already been downloaded 3x as much since yesterday as Draft 4 was in an entire week. That's a good sign that the project is gaining attention! I noticed a slightly minimal and under-informed but nonetheless clearly good-intentioned post by 'It's a trap' earlier today on Twitter, which directed people to Apparatjik's Facebook to download Draft 5, and the guys sent out a newsletter this evening too, so those things may account for the higher downloads this week. Hey, whatever works!

~ The Draft 5 version of 'Your Voice Needs Subtitles' has cool guitars and has greatly increased in fabulousness over the previous versions due to it ROCKING MORE. Do it justice, listen to it turned up loud.

~ 'Sequential' disappeared for Draft 3, returned for a snazzy-fab remix on Draft 4, and disappeared again for Draft 5. I am really attached to that song, I will be mildly devastated if it isn't on the final album. Just saying.

~ Yes, I know other songs have come and gone throughout the draftings and that we still have a long way to go. But the guys keep adding NEW songs that are also COOL and they can't include everything on the album, so statistically some good songs will get the boot. The trouble with packing in so much variety is you're not going to please everyone, but I like that they're going to try :-)

~ Speaking of getting the boot, the only two songs I could do without are 'Pakt' and 'Super-positions', and only because of ranking and not because I don't like them. After that, I could be ok without 'Combat Disco Music', but that's because I feel like we've had it for a long time already.

~ Draft 2 version of '(Don't Eat The Whole) Banana' is still the best of that song IMO. I really hope that one makes the final album, although I somehow think it probably won't.

~ If you haven't done this yet, try sorting your Apparatjik tracks in iTunes/whatever and listening to all versions of a track in a row. I find that I am not too perceptive about the more minor changes between versions, so this is often the only way I can tell what's different :oops:

~ The new song, 'That's The Thing About Us', is stunning. The honesty and the complexity of the bond in the song are so unique. I could probably write a whole post about it, but I'm holding off on that until I have more time with it. For now it's enough to say that there are some truly beautiful lyrics: 'have you ever been so close to a star that you could have felt it? / ever been so close to love that you could stroke it like velvet?' I can so relate.

~ When the weekly drafts are done, what will make Tuesdays interesting? ;-)

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