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catching up is hard to do

As always when I step away from here for a little while, a lot of interesting things happen in the MF world and I can't possibly write about it all when I come back. Hopefully you've been getting your MF fix in all the normal places online, but if not here are some highlights:

Shed 13 - On September 22, Stolper + Friends unveiled the ‘Shed 13′ project in Oslo, in which a large warehouse in Tjuvholmen was covered on two sides by six huge butterflies made by Damien Hirst. [More Info | | Video]

Futura Plus - Magne’s previously unseen ‘Futura Plus’ works are represented in a group exhibition taking place at Dunkers Kulturhus in Helsingborg, Sweden. The exhibition opened on November 10, 2011 and runs through August 5, 2012. Over 800 works from 80 artists are included in the exhibition. [More Info]


'Dance for Daddy' - NRK showed a documentary about Magne on November 7 called ‘Dance for Daddy’, which included – among other things – a lot of footage of Magne’s creative process around ‘Futura Plus’. [YouTube: Part 1 | | Part 2]

ECHO - Magne has a new exhibition at Stolper + Friends gallery in Oslo, which opened on November 26 and runs through January 15, 2012. From the Stolper + Friends web site: "'Echo', showing in place of 'Futura Plus', the previously cancelled show, comprises oil on hospital sheet and oil on paper works.[...] The works were made during the same period, and draw on the same surrounding life and death themes, as 'Futura Plus'." [More Info | | Photos]

Apparatjik in Graz - Apparatjik performed at the Steirischer Herbst Festival of New Art in Graz, Austria on October 15, 2011. Together with Magne and Jonas were Tobias Wilner (vocals) and Bo Rande (trumpet) from the Danish band Blue Foundation. [More Info | | Video Playlist]

Graz Festival Program

Apparatjik World – Issue A - Apparatjik has released a magazine for the iPad, which contains performance videos, photos, fan art, interview clips, links to external press, interactive games – and a brand new full-length Apparatjik album! As far as we know, this marks the first time an artist has released an album embedded within the iPad magazine format. [More Info | | Download]

Square Peg In a Round Hole - The new Apparatjik album is called ‘Square Peg In A Round Hole’, and is currently only available commercially via the iPad magazine. However Apparatjik fans who planted a tree as part of the agreeneryouniverse project were given a free download of the album via e-mail on 11/15/2011. Much more on this in my next post. [More Info | | Apparatjik Bulletin]

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