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Magne on 'The Voice'

As you have probably heard elsewhere by now, Magne is participating as a coach on the Norwegian television show 'The Voice', which will air next spring. I usually hate talent shows, but I really liked the American version of the show and watched it religiously; the overall tone was so encouraging and positive, and often pretty funny when the coaches playfully competed with each other. And in no way was I first influenced to watch the show by the super hot and very charming Adam Levine. Not even a little bit. I digress.

I am surprised to hear that Magne has actually agreed to be on a reality TV show - over the years he's made it clear that being on reality TV was not appealing to him. But as a fan of the show already, I am glad he thinks 'The Voice' is different, and I am sure he'll make a great coach. (I would be remiss if I didn't include the delightful Sondre Lerche in this geek out, BTW - he will be awesome too!)

The small cloud hanging over this fabulous news is the rumor that the TV2 stream doesn't work outside Norway, so I can't watch it; but hey, even if I could watch it, I don't know Norwegian, so I wouldn't be able to understand at least half of the show's content anyway. Still I'm hoping some helpful Norwegians will post clips of the performances on YouTube.

One of the things I am particularly interested in is if the coaches will perform. On the American version of the show, the coaches performed several times during the season, as a group, on their own, together with their team of singers etc.

Maroon 5's original song 'Moves Like Jagger' (with guest vocals from Christina Aguilera) became an overnight #1 single after they performed it on 'The Voice', and was in the iTunes Top 10 for weeks afterwards. So you never know what the Norwegian coaches will do, and what kind of interesting collaborations could happen :-)

They're a likely looking bunch, aren't they? Should be a great season!

Photo: Sandra Mei Ling Noer/TV 2

There are also some links and stuff over here.

EDIT: Thanks to Jakob S., here is some info about the possibility of viewing the episodes outside of Norway:

"According to TV2's website, it is actually possible to watch TV2 Sumo (their web-TV service) outside of Norway. You'll need a TV2 Sumo Utland (Abroad) subscription, which costs 129 kr per month, or 999 kr for a whole year. However, with this particular subscription it's not possible to watch TV2's various channels live. So you'll have to wait an hour or so until after the show has aired in Norway, before it's added to the TV2 Sumo archive."

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