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~ Tomorrow is the opening of Stolper + Friends in Oslo :-) Some friends are going to be at the reception tomorrow night, and I'll be there in spirit. Anyway, there is a sneak peek photo of the inside of the gallery on Stolper + Friends Facebook today:

The picture is a bit unscharf, but the place is looking good! Hope all goes well for them tomorrow and looking forward to visiting the gallery myself sometime.

~ There is a short article on The Art Newspaper about the cancellation of 'Futura Plus' that has just a little bit more information than we already knew:

Neither Furuholmen, who was previously a member of Norwegian pop group A-ha, nor the gallery, would release images of the withdrawn works, but the artist told The Art Newspaper that “words including 'death' and 'accident', painted on blood-stained sheets collected from hospital autopsy-rooms and similar… seem inappropriate at this point in time.”

~ I bought a signed Apparatjik poster in Berlin, and today I finally went frame shopping for it. The thing is such a weird size, none of our standard poster frames over here are right for it. I am pretty sure the poster would look terrible centered on white backing in an overlarge frame, so I asked about custom framing. Found a very cool black wood frame with a thin silver edge, chose the glass, started to get excited about how awesome it would look, and got the quote - $263. And that's including the 50% Labor Day sale discount, payment in advance of course :facepalm:

On the one hand, I think I paid only $14 (ish) for the poster, so the practical side of me thinks it is ridiculous to consider spending 19x what it cost originally in order to frame it. Especially when I can't help doing the math and thinking "Wow, that's about 1/4 of the cost to go to Norway. I'd much rather save up and go to Norway than have a poster framed on my wall..." Alas, this is why my other framable-but-unframed art/collectibles are still in boxes - travel and real life takes precedence over 'stuff' any day.

But on the other hand, the poster is a great visual memento from an amazing weekend - not to mention a brilliantly branded and marketed music and art event that I am proud to have been involved with even peripherally - so for that reason I am actually leaning towards spending the $263.

Decisions, decisions. Anyway, here is the poster I am talking about (swiped from the Aspire Facebook page):

~ Someone on the a-ha forum wrote to Forlaget Press to ask about the publication of In Transit, and was told that it was delayed again and there is no projected publication date available. So if you pre-ordered the book like I did, you're in for a long(er) wait ;-)

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