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update on 'Futura Plus'

According to a newsletter today from, Stolper + Friends will now launch with an exhibition by Damien Hirst, instead of Magne's 'Futura Plus':

In light of the recent tragic events in Norway, Magne Furuholmen has decided to cancel his upcoming exhibition 'Futura Plus' due to the potentially upsetting nature of the works.

The new gallery 'Stolper + friends' will launch as planned on the 1st of September, but the first exhibition will be 'The Souls' by Damien Hirst.

More info to follow.

There are also some updates to the gallery web site:

The inaugural exhibition is a stunning group of prints by Damien Hirst entitled ‘The Souls’: a series of shimmering foil-block butterflies.


To be exhibited later in the year, STOLPER + FRIENDS will show new works by Magne Furuholmen. Having shown for many years with Paul Stolper Gallery in London and at Studio Hugo Opdal in Flø, Norway, it is only fitting that Furuholmen should exhibit at STOLPER + FRIENDS in Oslo with an exhibition of his latest paintings and sculptures.

EDIT: There is an article in today's paper edition of VG in which Magne explains the cancellation of the exhibition. Jakob was kind enough to post translated excerpts from the article on (if you are reading this after September 1, the text will likely be found in the archive at this URL: News Archive August 2011).

Undoubtedly Magne's made the right decision, and I am glad he shared the nature of the works with us, even if we may never see the works themselves. The themes he mentions have universal human relevance, and I'm sure it would have been a very interesting and engaging exhibition to launch the gallery with had circumstances been different.

I am impressed not only with Magne's sensitivity to the possibly upsetting nature of the works, but also with the calm acceptance he has about having created works that now may never be shown. Obviously this implies a personal satisfaction/accomplishment simply in the act of creating them, independent of whatever the public response would have given him as an artist, and that must be a really good feeling.

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