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'Stolper + Friends'

Thanks to a newsletter today from, we now know where the new gallery is located and what it looks like from the outside.

It's hard to tell from this picture if they have rooms on two levels, or if the space has high ceilings to let in more light, or if the upper level belongs to another business or so. I guess the lower windows will remain covered until the opening - I love how the door is slightly open, what a tease ;-)


Tjuvholmen Allé 6, 0252 Oslo | From Google Maps:

This is just a short walk (less than a block) from Bølgen & Moi, and it has an interior aspect - I was hoping the gallery would face the water, but in any case it's a great location.

EDIT: There are new websites for Stolper + Friends: Facebook | | Gallery Web Site | | Twitter

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