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Location, location, location

I see there have been some visits here over the past couple of weeks, thanks for stopping by to check for updates :-) Since there isn't much in the way of news to post these days, I thought some of this information might be interesting to read in the meantime.

'Stolper + Friends' / Tjuvholmen

I was curious about the area of Oslo where Magne's new gallery will be, so I did some looking around online. Tjuvholmen is located just next to Aker Brygge, right on the water. Branded as 'Oslo's newest neighborhood', there are apartment buildings, shops, galleries, restaurants and more under development. I didn't realize I had been there before until someone pointed out that Bølgen & Moi is on the northeastern end of Tjuvholmen, it is separated from Aker Brygge by a narrow canal and footbridge. [Local map].

In the list of local galleries, I recognized Galleri Fineart as a gallery that offers art from many different artists; you can see their selection of Magne's work here. I was surprised to see that they have the CLIMAX card game from 2008. It isn't something I would buy for myself but I would like to look at it sometime, especially since I missed seeing the actual sculpture when I was in Oslo briefly in May 2008. I doubt the card set is on public display though after all this time, maybe it would be worth it to inquire before my next trip to Oslo if it's possible to see the card game, perhaps they would take one out for me.

I am looking forward to seeing pictures of the new gallery after it opens, and I wonder if the space will be unique in some way. Was the space they've chosen finished already (meaning they may have had little or no choice in room size/configuration) or did they have the opportunity to plan the space and have it built out to their requirements? Since the neighborhood is still in development, I guess it could be either situation.

Studio Opdal looks like a great space from the photos I've seen, with a lot of vantage possibilities and full of light from windows throughout. I haven't been to Paul Stolper's new(ish) London location, but friends say it is cosy and close by the British Museum. As galleriests already, they must have a very good idea of what works well - and of course Magne will have seen many gallery spaces as he's traveled and exhibited his own works. These guys know what they're doing, so I am sure the space and location will be used to best advantage.

Galleri Trafo

While I was thinking about locations and spaces, it occurred to me that I didn't know much about Galleri Trafo either. If you go to the gallery web site, you can see a photo of its location in Asker here. What is also interesting is the English description of the gallery on the Galleri Trafo Facebook Group page:

Galleri Trafo is located in Asker, right outside Oslo, Norway. The gallery opened in August 2006, situated right next to the railway station. The building was constructed in 1924 to house the transformator which supplied the railway from Oslo to the southern part of Norway with power.

The dimensions of the rooms of the old factory-like building gave great possibilities when rebuilding it to a contemporary art gallery. The ground floor houses the two largest rooms; each 6 meters wide and 18 meters long, almost 6 meters tall. One is used for reception and showroom for graphic works, the other as a Kunsthalle. The first floor contains 4 large exhibition rooms and a showroom for works of the gallery’s artists.

On the second floor you will find two rooms housing a part of Asker Kommunes own art collection and on the top, in the tower, a newly opened project room will show some of our finest young artists.

We don't know which two rooms Magne has rented, but as the second floor has just two rooms perhaps he rented that whole floor. Anyway, the place sounds rather large and full of possibilities. As Magne said in an interview in April, "My hope is that Trafo will be a dynamic and active place to be, with lots of exciting art projects in every corner of the building."


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