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New gallery and Apparatjik concert announced

Over the weekend, Apparatjik added this Facebook event:

Steirischer Herbst Festival of New Art
Saturday, October 15, 2011
Sackstraße 17 8010, Graz, Austria
Press release coming soon.

EDIT: Tickets are available now BUY TICKETS (thanks to Carmen for the link!)

I've created a page over on for this event, and will add photos, links, media etc along the way.

Also today there was an article in announcing that Magne will open an art gallery in Oslo together with Hugo Opdal and Paul Stolper. Here is the Google translation:

Magne Furuholmen, Hugo Opdal and Paul Stolper has several years of informal collaboration decided to start the gallery together in Oslo, focusing on artists from Norway and the UK.

The gallery is named 'Stolper + Friends'. It is housed in an exciting new gallery area on Tjuvholmen. The gallery opens 1 September with the exhibition 'Futura Plus' with new work by Magne Furuholmen.

As the image the artist has Furuholmen for several years been affiliated with Paul Stolper Gallery in London. He has also exhibited several times at the Art Gallery Studio Hugo Opdal on Flø.

The trio have previously collaborated on the art festival 'Go With the Flo, which among other Furuholmen its multi-disciplinary project Apparatjik participated last year.

According to a friend, apparently the gallery will be located in the vacinity of the restaurant Bølgen & Moi in Tjuvholmen, where Magne's 'Confusion' can be found.
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