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work in progress

Last week I put back online after about a five month break. I had been meaning to move the content from HTML/CSS to WordPress for a while, and recently finally had the time to work on it. In fact having this project has been a bit of a lifesaver because with other work ending I really needed something substantial to dive into. It can be so energizing to change gears completely and spend time building something new.

The site is a work in progress, I still have quite a lot of content to add - information and links I already collected before, but in a new and hopefully more helpful/digestible format. The Discography in particular is in the building phase, since I didn't have a discography before. Probably the best pages there - and good examples of how they will all look when I've finished - are dragonfly and we are here. I am also planning to add in 'Word Symphony' in the near future.

The other new area is the Events page, which is coming along slowly. The goal is to have a page for every concert, installation, whatever - but unfortunately building content in reverse chronological order often means you can't find enough/consistent material across all pages. But going forward I've now got a format to work with, so even if the older event pages may be sparse or consolidated, I'll be able to keep up with new stuff fairly easily.

My biggest challenge is going to be the Art page, again because I didn't attempt to present that information before - I always linked to and left it at that. However with my new format of tying related media, quotes, videos, links, photos and discussion threads to the object (release, event, book, art, etc), there has to be a page for each object I have material for. I'll be honest and say that the art pages will probably be the last ones I tackle because it will involve more than just putting online stuff I already have - it'll be almost building from scratch. Should be very interesting to work on though.

Anyway, I hadn't intended to mention the relaunch just yet because there is so much left to do, but thanks to Google Alerts, people have been discovering the content already ;-) So I figured it would be a good idea to let folks know the site is there and work is in progress. If there is something you're looking for from the old site or something you'd like to see on the new site, drop me a comment here and I'll do my best to get it online as soon as possible! Feedback on the site is also very welcome, either here or via email at webmaster[at]

While I am talking about the web site, I thought I'd also plug my Twitter and Flickr pages too - check them out! :-)

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