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interesting finds

Due to some much needed time off, I've got way too much time on my hands lately. So after finishing up some old projects and getting a bit organized around the house, I finally got back to my Magne F fan site redesign. In the process of doing that, I've stumbled on a couple of fun things to share.

First up, an awesome tribute video in the format of the 'A Dot of Black' painting performance video that accompanied the limited album back in January 2008. The Brazilian girls who made the video created it as a birthday greeting for Magne in 2009. I am sure I had never seen it before this weekend, and it certainly deserves more than 210 views, so please go check it out:

The next find is a bit more random. In the past on my site, rather than recreating something that was already pretty great, I linked to the Magne page on the a-ha discography site for detailed information on all his music releases. But I've always felt that was kind of lazy of me, and if I wanted to have a complete archive I'd have to do better than that ;-) So I've been putting together a discography section of my own, using Suzie and Evi's site as one of my resources.

Anyway, on the page for 'A Dot of Black', there is a tiny fact that escaped me before, and is interesting now in retrospect.

[...] and on the spine [of the Norwegian edition], "magne f" is printed in white compared with "magne f a" on the UK edition.

Naturally I had to check to see if my copy was a 'magne f' or a 'magne f a' version:

That one little white letter had escaped me before, and even had I noticed it, I am not sure I would have thought of it as anything other than a mistake. So is it just one of those misprints/typos that super fan collector geeks delight in using to compare release versions? Or is it a precursor to the Apparatjik usage of 'Magne A', 'Guy A', etc? According to the a-ha discography site, this is only on the UK version of the CD, which came out in May 2008 - just a few months before Apparatjik's first single, 'Ferreting'. So were the guys already knee-deep in 'the world of the apparatjiks' at that point, and considering using the 'a' after their names? If that is the case, that single 'a' has some significance that we all have been missing. Nice little trick there, if so ;-)

And the last fun find is that I somehow have the audio file from the 'Scrabble' CD on my backup hard drive. Not sure how it got there, maybe someone sent it to me back in winter 2007 and I faithfully downloaded it and then forgot to listen (oops). Anyway I just listened to it for the first time today and it was interesting to say the least. It's hard to describe, but basically it is a 14 minute recording that has layers of audio of Magne talking and musing and humming and...quoting lyrics from the then upcoming album, 'A Dot of Black'. Again, not something I would have noticed at the time because the album wasn't out yet, but in retrospect it was nice to listen and find phrases that are now so familiar. Also I liked how the voices converged at different points to put together the phrase 'we are all a part of something'.

So the moral of the story today is that sometimes looking around at what is familiar with the benefit of hindsight can turn up interesting things :-)

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