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disconnected randomness 4

A few things to throw together in one post:

~ As a follow up to this post, the a-ha fan site a-ha live posted this translation/quote from a recent interview with Magne in LiveIN Magazine (thanks to Jakob S for this info):

"From having my own atelier at home at Nesøya and being able to use it whenever I want, it's obviously a transition moving into Galleri Trafo. But my hope is that Trafo will be a dynamic and active place to be, with lots of exciting art projects in every corner of the building."

Magne has rented two rooms in the gallery. One will be his private atelier and working space, while the second room will be used for other activities of his choosing.

"I'm planning to involve other artists through collaborations or joint projects eventually. It was very inspiring to visit Olafur Eliasson in Berlin recently, and see how he has organized his "Institut Für Raumexperimente". A school operating as a workshop, where he collaborates with students and artists on different projects, and which is also used as a forum for exchanging ideas from different viewpoints."

~ As a follow up to this post, the book Magne Furuholmen - In Transit is now expected to be published this fall/winter instead of May as originally projected. One site lists September 6, another lists November 30; no longer has a date, but as I ordered it already my status update says December 1 to ship.

~ Apparatjik were featured on an NRK program called Nasjonalgalleriet last week, you can watch the segment on YouTube here. The segment includes comments from each of the guys and was filmed in Berlin. There are also some clips from inside the cube if you want to have a peek.

~ For those who might be new to the Apparatjik WTFery that goes on from both fans and band, the fans have a little birthday spam-fest coming up to celebrate Martin A's birthday on April 18 (Guy's already had his spam-fest earlier this week, just go to Twitter and search for '@Apparatjik' to see the tweets sent out for his birthday). If you want to find out what this is all about, check out this thread on the apparatchick fan forum.

~ Just when you thought I could have nothing more to say about Berlin, I've added some pictures, links and extra blather to the Berlin concert blog from last week. Couldn't help myself, the blog was so boring without visuals ;-)

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