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loads of good things going on

I haven't updated here in a while, so here is a bit of news on the Magne F front:

~ 'Kryptonite' was released on March 14 and is on the playlist on various UK radio stations. To find out which ones, check out the new and improved Magne F UK website.

~ 'Past Perfect Future Tense' will be released on March 21 in the UK.

Be sure to go out and buy the album and single to support the music, and if you already have a copy, why not give a copy to a friend? ;-) There are several places to get the CD online:, HMV, and Bug Productions.

~ Magne was on UK televsion show 'Never Mind the Buzzcocks' on March 13. If you are in the UK, the show will be repeated this weekend, check your listings to find out when.

~ As mentioned above, the official UK site has been redesigned by none other than Frode Lamoy, webmaster of Magne's official international site and drummer in the band. He's done a brilliant job, as usual! I understand his gig is primarily design, not content. So if you have questions about the information on the site, please direct them to the UK record label, not to our man Frode ;-)
Tags: news updates, past perfect future tense

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