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apparatjik tv & little a & pixel city

Every day at 6:00pm, the interactive cube would make a conclusive sound, the 'end of transmission' image would show up, and then the 'Apparatjik TV' program would begin. There was a four-hour window for apparatjik tv, and we had no idea what to expect on that first day.

We took a seat on the floor near the sound desk to watch the video clips. After watching for about an hour, the clips started over again. The segments included all the Q&As, some of the chapters that we received back in fall 2009 before the 'Electric Eye' single came out, the Pixel City clips, and the 'start at the top' image submissions (among many others).

I had seen a lot of the clips before, and was fighting jet lag, so I was kind of worried I'd fall asleep right there on my coat. So to distract myself, I got one of the flyers about the exhibition and made a cube out of it. Then I put it on the floor by the big cube and we took a couple of pictures - how random the way the red liquid on the big cube reflected on the floor next to the little cube!

Then look how this next picture on the big cube had little cubes on it - it looked like our little cube had fallen out of the picture ;-)

We dubbed the little cube 'Little A' and took him on adventures all over town. On Saturday he was kidnapped by some other friends and they took photos with him too. He got pretty drunk on Saturday night. Then on Sunday when a bunch of us were at lunch, I taught everyone how to make their own little cubes so we could bring them to the performance that night.

Anyway, back to the apparatjik tv. Here are some pictures of the 'start at the top' entries:

EDIT: I can't believe I didn't mention my total geek out when I saw my own photos up on the cube! Because each side of the cube had a different photo collage, and the images changed individually every few seconds, it took me a few minutes to find one of my own. My friends also found pictures they had submitted, it was really fun seeing how our images fit in among the others and talking about the creative work people did. I would have been glad to spend even more time on that part of the TV program, but I think in total it only lasted about 5-10 minutes. You can find all the startatthetop entries on Flickr. There are over 2200 images there, and some of them are so incredibly cool!

Here is the source file for one of my submissions:

It was taken in a restaurant near the beach a few years ago. When I scanned through my pictures for things related to 'light', this was an obvious choice. I made a smaller selection from it, removed the existing stained glass design and replaced the shapes with the same colors used on the 'We Are Here' album cover. I had a few versions, some with texture and others without. Each shape is its own layer, and the black lines had to be edited by hand in some places since the source file was not very clear. Can't say the result is particularly amazing, but I worked hard on it so here it is:

This other one is much more simple. My husband took this picture at the National Zoo in 2007 and since then it has been one of my all-time favorite photos:

Again I made a selection from the original to submit:

EDIT 2: Here it is on the cube -

After we had seen the full set of video clips, we headed out to dinner. I have to say that as the daylight faded, the cube light reflected on the glass walls of the gallery and it looked amazing from both the inside and outside of the gallery. After over a year of the cube imagery, seeing the many now iconic (for tjiks anyway) images and video clips flickering along with the regular city lights was very cool. I couldn't imagine a better venue for this installation and was so glad to have been there to experience it.

We went back to the gallery just before the 'pixel city' program was to start. I thought from the Apparatjik bulletin that the gallery would be open during pixel city, but G1 and G2 told us the the gallery was closed and the lights were all shut off - except the cube of course. The disco Smart Car / Pixel City video started up and we thought it was likely to just play on a loop until 2am, which was kind of disappointing, but really we'd already seen quite a lot of visuals by then so I was more than happy to go to my hotel and get some sleep finally :-)

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