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I have been a bit preoccupied over the past couple of weeks, so it was only in the last few days that I have had time to look into the program for NNG in Berlin. Although there was a bulletin on last Friday, it sort of passed me by for some reason; I saw the tweet about it but didn't think it was anything important so I didn't click the link. Talk about distracted!

Anyway, here is the schedule for the installation and remaining performances:

13 - 25 March

Daytime program: 'Responsive Light Space Modulator'
Everyone is a utensil.
Tue – Fri 10am – 6pm, Sat / Sun 11am-6pm (free admission)

Evening program: 'Apparatjik TV'
Film on rotating transmission.
6pm – 10pm daily, except monday (free admission)

Night program: 'Pixel City'
10pm – 2am daily, except Monday

26 March

Apparatjik performance
9 pm – 10 pm, doors open 8 pm
Tickets €29 from

27 March

Apparatjik performance
125 year anniversay of Mies van der Rohe's birth
'Cathedral Footsteps' performed by Deutsches Kammerorchester, conducted by Apparatjik
9 pm – 10.30 pm, doors open 8 pm
Tickets €29 from

More Information: Facebook | Twitter | Bulletin

I am glad I will arrive in Berlin early enough to have time to visit the gallery and experience it all. So far I haven't seen many personal accounts of the non-performance part of the installation; it could be most people in the community are primarily music fans and didn't stop by at other times, or it could be people only wrote about it on the German forum. I guess that is a good thing for me, so I don't have a lot of expectations going there, but probably disappointing to fans who won't make it and are looking for details.

The 'responsive light space modulator' sounds very cool, there is a video on Vimeo about it: apparatjik light space modulator - interactive part

This is one of those times when I really wish I knew German because I am quite positive they are describing just what I want to know about it ;-) Ah well, hopefully someone can fill me in along the way. But in principle it looks simple - when you interact with the cube, you get a musical response. I wonder if this is the technology that is recording people's steps for the composition that will be performed on the final evening. Then when the interactive part ends, there are four hours of Apparatjik tv films on a loop.

And finally, from 10pm - 2am, the part that intrigues me most: 'pixel city'. No one I know has visited this, but I guess this is when people's original pixel creations are showing on the cube? Somehow the notion of being in the gallery late at night, surrounded by glass and beyond it the quiet city, watching a (silent?) pixely light show glowing with the variety of creations from people just like me (not artists, but 'ordinary' people ;-)), is really appealing.

Not much longer before I visit Germany for the first time. Should I buy a guide book perhaps? Find out how to get from the airport to my hotel? I am a bit embarrassed to admit that visiting Germany is only of minor interest - most people plan vacations around the place and not the event, right? Maybe when I read up a bit about the city I'll get a bit more of the tourist imperative feeling, but for now it's all about seeing friends and art/music :-)

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