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'Everybody is a pixel'

The Apparatjik Light Space Modulator cube is going to be eight times the size of its predecessors. On the walls of the cube, during the length of the installation, there will be projections of pixel creations submitted by the public, and also maybe some created by Apparatjik (?).

I have 6-7 image concepts I would like to submit, but I am having a really tough time creating them. I spent several hours working with Photoshop yesterday, trying to create a specific light effect using several of my old vacation photos; the thing had 34 layers and I had hand-corrected colors and lines, etc. And after all that I began second-guessing it and was unhappy with the result. Really need to tell my inner critic to shut up ;-) Anyway, there is a more simple video image composite effect I want to do, that I probably should have started with, and if I get close to what I want with that I am sure it will get me motivated to go back to my first idea. Considering how difficult it is for me to do this kind of thing, and how amazing it would be to see my own pixels on the cube alongside everyone else's great creations, I would be thrilled if just one of my submissions is chosen. But first I have to actually finish them! Not much time left.

"Over a two-week interim period, the audience movements [in relation to the cube] is recorded as graphic patterns under the banner ‘Everybody is a pixel’, transformed to musical notes and then performed during a grand finale by Apparatjik – together with a classical orchestra, which will effectively be performing the footsteps of the audience."

According to a recent article in Aftenposten, if I am understanding it correctly, this composition of footsteps will be conducted by Magne on March 27, the final night of the installation. I'm guessing this will take place outside the cube - can't imagine an orchestra fitting inside it even if it is eight times bigger than before - and given the cube's size and the presence of an orchestra and audience, the installation space in NNG must be quite large indeed. Should be a major contrast to the previous performance spaces.

As for the movement of visitors around the cube being recorded, I was thinking it could be an interesting experiment for someone to try to influence the resulting music somehow, using a specific pattern of movement around the cube, or by visiting at regular intervals and repeating a certain sequence of footsteps. But that could only work if a machine were converting the movement into sound - I guess the point is the random nature of movement by individuals over time, and since the footsteps used would be selected specifically by the guys for the composition, I doubt it would be possible to influence a certain result as an individual. Still: fascinating concept, and I can't wait to hear the result!

How and when will two weeks' worth of movement be encapsulated into one arrangement? How much time will the orchestra have to practice the composition, given the very short window between filming -> composing -> performance? Will the colors people are wearing, the speed of people's movement, and the changing density of people also influence the sound? Somehow I imagine a kind of 'Peter and the Wolf' effect, where each person in a timeframe has a theme of their own, or maybe specific individual sequences of movement during the two-week span are woven together as recurring elements, as opposed to a purely linear musical representation of footsteps.

Eh, I really should focus on my pixels and leave the music composition to the professionals, yes? ;-)

/Berlin geek out (for now)

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