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Berlin bound?

Ten years ago, I sent in my expired childhood passport in exchange for a brand new one, just for one trip to see an a-ha concert in Norway. I took a leap of faith, left my 15 month-old son with my husband for a long weekend for the first time, and my life changed. Ten years of great music, 31 concerts in five countries, a new career path, many dear friendships and amazing experiences would not have been possible if I hadn't made that first scary - but exciting - step.

This January, with just 20 days left before my passport expired, I sent it in for renewal. I know it's a little silly, but I felt a bit sad about that - it was my a-ha passport, it took me on so many adventures, and having said goodbye to my favorite band in so many other ways, it was just one more way the door was closing on that part of my life. But I didn't hesitate for too long - I love travel too much to be without a valid passport ;-)

So now I have a brand new passport, and a great excuse to use it - Apparatjik, Berlin, March. Too odd that the weekend of the concerts is almost exactly ten years to the day from that first Oslo trip. The a-ha similarity ends there though, this is something new and interesting and entertaining on a very different level:

"At the center of both the Apparatjik installation and concerts are moving images that project from a large scale cube into the open glass structure of the building into the city space - a reference to the kinetic Licht-Raum-Modulator created in 1930 by Bauhaus artist Moholy-Nagy."

"Apparatjik's project will conclude on March 27 with a special interactive composition performed in collaboration with the Deutsches Kammerorchester. This concert is dedicated to Mies van der Rohe on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of his birth."

This is all full of awesomeness.

I am not absolutely sure I am going yet, there are still some arrangements to make for things to run smoothly here at home - childcare being a big factor, since my husband coaches and teaches on the weekends, and both of my parents (our usual babysitters) are at different stages of cancer treatment and not up for the activity level to care for young kids. Plus after all the travel of last year, I think my husband is secretly a bit put out that the end of a-ha did not in fact mean an end to my wanderlust and to the strain on our budget ;-) But I do really hope it works out. Something tells me this event is not to be missed!

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