romanglass (romanglass) wrote in magne_f,

new Apparatjik LJ community

I'm not entirely sure there's a need for an LJ Apparatjik community, but since more than half of my magne_f posts lately seem to be about Apparatjik, and since not all Apparatjik fans care about updates in the Magne F world, I figured there is no harm in setting up a separate community for our boys from the Outland.

Check it out here: outland

In the future I think I'll cross-post Apparatjik entries here and on outland, and based on traffic and comments decide if I should keep the Apparatjik one open or not.

This also means I can change the layout here to something else, since 'happy robots' is more suited to the Apparatjik community page ;-)

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