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disconnected randomness 3

On a whim I changed the theme here to one more suited to potential upcoming Apparatjik shenanigans. It's called 'happy robots' and looks pixely, so that works for the time being. This blog has been gray/black for too long, it needed a change :-)

Speaking of changing web sites, as soon as I have some more bandwidth I am thinking about moving to WordPress. That should be kinda fun because there is a cool link management plugin I want to try out for all the media links. So if you're one of my regular 2-3 visitors, just know the site might be down for a day or two or twelve, while I sort that out. I may not put everything back online, or I might reorganize it. I'm also about to start building two other sites using WordPress, one for my dad and one for another musician, so I figured I might as well embrace the platform and see what I can do with it.

And speaking of bandwidth, I thought that after a-ha retired I'd have more time for some of these web projects I've had on hold for a while, but when I got home from Oslo it was time to finish work on the fan calendar. So much of that calendar work was delayed because many of us were traveling to the final concerts, plus our designer bailed on us without explanation, so we had to find someone else to do that part. Anyway, here it is January 15 and the calendar is still not done - let's just say I can't wait until this thing is published so I can work on other things! It'll be fab for sure though :-)

On another note, according to iTunes, my top track of 2010 was 'Supersonic Sound'. It turns out that three songs off 'We Are Here' are in my top 10 tracks for the year, which was not surprising considering I listened to that album compulsively for about three weeks last February. (There are also three ADOB songs in my top 20 for 2010 as well - that was surprising considering it's a three year old album).

Anyway, I recently made this forum signature, using pictures downloaded from Aspire's Facebook page of the limited yellow vinyl 'We Are Here' album:

I'm obviously no Photoshop expert, but this was fun to make :-)

It's safe to say I am in full Apparatjik mode and waiting for the storm promised by Aspire - here's hoping there is some new music involved, and maybe a gig I can go to.
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