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Interview with Markus Kavka / 'Number One!' on Kabel 1

In fall of 2009, the guys in a-ha did separate interviews for Kabel 1, which all together (along with some other clips) were presented as a documentary about the band and broadcast in Germany on December 28, 2010. It was kind of strange to see these year-old interviews for the first time now, after the band's retirement is fact, but also kind of a good closure thing too. Although time has passed and there have been many interviews in the interim, there were definitely some comments from each of the guys worth noting even in retrospect - actually often especially in retrospect.

Naturally here I'll focus on Magne's interview - if you want to watch the other guys' interviews... EDIT: the clips have been removed from YouTube, so if you're outside of Germany the only place to see the clips is on

In the first part of his interview, Magne talks about 'The Living Daylights', how a-ha chose their name, and about the band's disintegration in 1993:

"I think we all felt a little bit battle fatigued. I know certainly from my point of view, I was really sick of fame. I got to a point where you understand why people get lost with their success. Success stops meaning something to you, it becomes something that empties you out, instead of fills you."

"It's hard for people to understand if you haven't been in that position. It's interesting because I had a long talk with Chris Martin about that in Barcelona a few weeks ago. And I said that, I said you have to find a way back into enjoying going on stage every night. Because you put out so much energy that in the end you stop taking something back. And when you stop taking something back, it gradually hollows you out and takes things out of you."

"You can be at the top of your game - I mean you can't be much bigger than Coldplay are at the moment - You can be at the top of your game and not enjoy yourself. And it's a scary thing because you create that world yourself, you do everything you can to make it happen. And when it does happen, all of the sudden the feeling gets lost, the sense of why did I do this? Why was this meaningful to me? It doesn't mean anything now, what's happened? And sometimes you have to step on the sand castle after building it up so perfectly, you have to step on it to start again."

Watch on

I think the second part of the interview is much more interesting. It is not yet up on YouTube and doesn't have the clip either, so here are some quotes from it:

"The six or seven years that we were apart, I was working very hard as a visual artist, and I had numerous exhibitions and group shows and projects going. And I was not sure that it was the best kind of move for me, mentally or career-wise, certainly my gallerists thought I was crazy to go back into the music world."

"But I just felt like 'Ok I really want to do this.' And that decision was very clear for me. I thought if I do it, that means I also want to enjoy myself, I don't want to be held back by my own inhibitions or by the inhibitions of the other members. I want to try create something enjoyable for everyone."

When asked if there could be another a-ha reuinion in some years' time, Magne says clearly 'No, I don't think so.'

"We were never really good at celebrating our own success. We would always look at what didn't go right. [...] The band has made a lot of good music together, I can look back on that and be proud of it. I don't really see that there is an unfulfilled ambition that would warrent us coming back together. [...] There is no sadness about it for me, this is a chance for us to do other things."

"When I am looking back, all I really see are the good bits, and I think that is a very very priviledged position to be in. I am looking backwards feeling happy and content and I am looking forward to be active in as many ways as I can and find meaning in the things that I do."
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