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Magne Furuholmen - in transit

Thanks to @silke_ on Twitter for the link to this article:

Her er bøkene du kan glede deg til

The article is a listing of upcoming books being published in Norway in spring next year, including under Documentary and Biography:

"Magne Furuholmen comes with the art book "Magne Furuholmen - in transit," a presentation of his activities as an artist."

This sounds like it could be an interesting read, but I guess it will be published in Norwegian.

Another small update on the art front, published a couple of days ago:

Magne Furuholmen inn i Trafo

Apparently Magne has signed a lease to rent two rooms at Galleri Trafo, as studio and exhibition space. I wonder if he intends to do some kind of workshops or so? This way his own normal work space can remain private but in this new place he could invite people to work with him for specific projects. Just thinking of the Pupparatjik project last year, he seemed to be really engaged in that kind of collaborative creativity (also with Apparatjik of course) and ever since then I thought he might do something like this when he had more time and his own space to do it in. I really look forward to finding out more about his new art projects!


I thought it could be good to link to some interesting discussion about the Pupparatjik project here, I don't think I have posted this before and it gives a little insight into Magne's participation in a workshop setting where people were working collaboratively to create something unique.

Not everyone can thrive in that kind of creative setting, it sounds very cool but also obviously deliberately pressured - there were only two days of working together, so having a limitation might definitely spark some quick and interesting ideas, but it could also be frustrating in that some good ideas could maybe not be executed within that timeframe or with the material at hand. But there is something great about saying "let's just do this and see what happens", and with the right context and people of the same mindset working with you, it can be a good experience and result in a product that you're proud of.

One of the Pupparatjik program participants, Gregor, joined the Apparatchick forum following the workshop and shared his experience in this thread. I particularly liked this comment from him: "And it was kind of what the whole spirit was about, not to be afraid to do stuff, no matter what."

I don't know why when I heard about this gallery rental space my first thought was that it could be used in part for workshops, but I think it could be a very fulfilling thing for Magne to do at this stage. He obviously enjoys the collaboration and my guess from what Gregor said is that Magne could be quite a good instructor too. I do hope though that there will be some individual visual and musical output from him this year, because I am curious to see what effect a-ha's retirement and his new freedom will have on what he creates.

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