romanglass (romanglass) wrote in magne_f,

a dot of black

Remember how I said that songs by a-ha and Magne are never truly happy, there is always something there to shadow the landscape, even a little bit? That idea came back to my mind this weekend during the final a-ha concerts in Oslo, and it seemed rather ironic that such a thing should happen to remind me now so clearly that there isn't ever a true happiness, without some price or some compromise or some doubt or...a dot, however small, ruining the glorious blue of bliss.

In short: my week was 99% amazing and 1% black dot after something that happened last night, and now I will always remember a treasured experience alongside the memory of having seriously misjudged someone and winding up feeling angry and stupid and mistreated all at once. That 1% will always be there, and it is sad to think it could take even a little bit away from all the things I have to be grateful for.

I wish I could somehow leave that 1% behind in Norway when I go home tomorrow, because I sure don't want to take it with me. I have so many good memories, you'd think they could easily cancel out one bad one, right?

One of the best memories? During the final concert - which was brilliant - dancing my heart out to 'Foot of the Mountain'! Although the refrain and maybe other elements of the song are Paul's, it will always remind me of 'The Longest Night'. That song is like some advice I received from a friend, that silence is sometimes the best response and although it is difficult to hear things that are not true, defending yourself or explaining can backfire. Anyway pure bliss dancing to this song live one last time :-)

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