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'much the same as it has been'

Just listened to a recording of the BBC Radio 2 interview with Magne from October 21, and thought I'd share this quote. Jo asked Magne what he would be doing on December 5 and beyond, and his reply was:

"Well yeah, there's a lot of hoovering to be done around the house on the 5th of December, so I am gonna be starting my new career as a domesticated animal (laughs). Other than that I assume that it will be much the same as it has been, I have always juggled a career as a visual artist running parallel to music. The only real difference is that a-ha won't be recording and won't be touring. And I will be looking forward to collaborating with other musicians and musical projects, whether it be writing or recording, or indeed crossing over into other areas, like this side project with my friends from other bands like Coldplay and Mew, through this Apparatjik thing that we have going. I look forward to a few very exciting things with those guys in 2011. Other than that I will be exhibiting and writing..."

This confirms what many have already guessed: for Magne the end of a-ha will naturally mean more room for other things, rather than any kind of 'slow down' or 'fade away' career wise. Which can only be a good thing, for us if not for Magne, who is probably too busy as it is ;-)

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