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I am in Oslo this week, and tonight my friends and I wound up at Bølgen & Moi in Aker Brygge. The restaurant has a lot of Magne's artwork and I really like the atmosphere in general.

The place was really crowded with what looked like the after work/professional crowd, so although I was itching to stand at certain angles to see the artwork, I knew people would not like that much while they were eating. So instead I stood in a couple of places to the side and took pictures on my phone so I could look more at them later.


For more information about Magne's art at this restaurant, check out this Dagbladet article from last June. It looks like the artwork has changed quite a bit since then; the print on the wall behind Magne in that article is no longer there and a new one (similar size and tones but much less purple) is in its place. Also the artwork on the back wall is new, it is now a long text arrangement across two large walls of beautifully framed Alpha Beta letters (see my first picture above). I could see the 'E' from where we were sitting for dinner, and as that's my print I couldn't help looking at it quite often. I had been considering a black frame but theirs in silver was just gorgeous, so I am no closer to making up my mind about that ;-)

I asked the waitress if there was a less busy time to come so that I could really look at the art, and I guess she gets that question a lot because she was very friendly and told me to come around lunchtime when they generally have fewer customers, and that I was very welcome to look at the art.


Tags: alpha beta, art, magne f, oslo

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