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Apparatjik lyrics

I have been mentally drafting a post for a while now about Apparatjik lyrics. The guys didn't include lyrics or liner notes with the 'We Are Here' CD, and on Twitter a while back they said they want us to work to figure them out.

I am terrible at figuring out lyrics, so instead of wasting time on that I've been trying to figure out why certain songs seem like they must have been written by Magne (or with a strong influence from him) and why other songs don't. Some of the lyrics kind of nag at me, remind me of things I have read before somewhere. So a couple of weeks ago I got out my copy of 'Payne's Gray' and printed off some poetry from, and have been re-reading through them. I've also gone back to the MySpace blogs, and 'discovered' some from fall 2006 that I either missed or didn't read very closely at the time - it was kind of a busy time for me and I must have been on overload. Glad I went back, I found some new favorites there.

Anyway, I haven't really had time to type up the post that's half-written in my brain. Hopefully sometime soon though :-)
Tags: apparatjik, lyrics, payne's gray, poetry

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