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Live pictures

I see there has been some traffic here while I've been off doing other things, thanks for keeping an eye on this little corner of the net and sorry for the lack of posts! A few bits of news have come and gone in the mf world, but I won't bore you by going back over stuff you've probably read elsewhere in the meantime.

In May I was able to catch a-ha in concert five times in North America, it was such a great experience going to the shows and hanging out with other American fans. For those of you who are friends on MySpace/LiveJournal, there is bloggishness over there if you want the details.

I recently got interested in concert photography - actually it all started last year with Coldplay and Keane - it is so cool when you get that 'money shot' from a gig, the one that captures a feeling and a moment that you don't want to forget. I always do my share of dancing and clapping and singing, but now I am addicted to taking pictures at shows so I can go back through them all later and see the things that I felt were significant, instead of seeking images that resonate among other people's photos online.

Anyway, slightly astonished/abashed by the sheer number of pictures I discovered on my camera upon my return home, I've decided to tone it down a bit for upcoming a-ha shows - I don't want to miss a single thing in the time that is left. Other bands are fair game though, it's just too much fun trying to capture those special angles and expressions at the shows ;-)

Behind the cut, some of my favorite Magne pictures from New York and Los Angeles (will also post pictures in the Morten and a-ha communities on LJ if you're interested).


a-ha.May.15, 2010-12

a-ha.May.15, 2010-18


a-ha.May.15, 2010-08


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