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Today I wanted to share this picture from Trønder-Avisa.

How gorgeous is that print behind the accordian player? I'm assuming it's Magne's even though it doesn't look like anything else in the Alpha Beta edition.

As eager as I am to see what's next from Magne, it's nice to see a picture like this and have it immediately 'click'. The colors and visual elements in the prints are comfortable to look at by now - not predictable though, just familiar, which is good. I don't know a lot about other contemporary artists and the evolution of their work, so I don't know if this is a common experience or not.

I wonder if while these pieces are on display there is a re/invention process going on behind the scenes? How much overlap is there in the artist's mind, or is there any at all? And when the new stuff comes along (whenever that will be), will it be a visual shock, a jarring feeling of 'is this really Magne's?' or will there still be that comfortable absorption despite new tones, elements, mediums etc?

It's hard to remember my initial reaction to Monologues and Alpha Beta, I do remember being pleasantly surprised by the prints from Elverum back in - uh - August 2008? Mostly it was the color change, the addition of that rusty orange tone which really was stunning, and has disappeared (from where I sit, anyway) since then. When the next thing comes along, will there be a similar surprise, a moment of shock and then delight? Or will I absolutely hate it? ;-)


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