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from the archives - 'I Wish I Cared'

I've been reading up on a-ha's history lately for a specific reason, but I suppose this will seem completely left-field to most people who read here ;-)

Did you know that Magne Furuholmen and director Henrik Haugen created the first ever web-based Flash animation music video? The video for 'I Wish I Cared' was released exclusively on in November 2000 and then later made available on the Vallhall Homecoming Live DVD. In the first week after release, according to Norwegian paper Dagbladet, had over 600,000 visits.

Article on about the video release
Watch the video (scroll to the right to year 2000)

I think in a way some of the web craziness that goes on in the Apparatjik camp is another example of this tendancy of Magne's to want to explore possibilities and use technology and the Internet in entirely new ways. He said back then:

“I’ve worked with the Internet in connection with my art, and there are many possibilities for creativity there. This video was a hobby project for me, I wanted to see what we could do with the new technology."

It kind of all fits, doesn't it? And it is funny to look back and read the phrase 'so-called Flash technology' as if people were still deciding what the heck it was and had no clue all the things you could do with it. But back then people were on dial-up connections and music videos were not all over the web like they are now. So much has changed. I wonder how much more mind-blowing the Apparatjik web interactions would have been had they happened ten years ago, or even five years ago - not that much of it would have been technically possible at the time.

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