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in which I try to be artistic

Played a bit with photoshop today at work and when I finished what I had to do, I branched out a bit.

Guy Berryman: "We like strange."

Take 1:

Perhaps the image is too bright. Why not add some layers? Take 2:

Hmm, trying to do too much. Alright, less layers. Take 3:

Eh. Better I guess. Font might be a bit too small on top.

Next version, and my personal favorites. Take 1:

Nice and clean, but a little grunge layer never hurt. Take 2:

Oh yes. Perfect :-)

And one final effort for the day:

That was fun! Must play in photoshop more often.


Source for image 1 - Coldplay Twitter
Source for image 2 - Stian Andersen
Tags: apparatjik, pictures
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