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Dear Apparatjik: Please get out of my head. Sincerely etc.


Predictably, that didn't work. That's alright, it was only a half-hearted sentiment anyway. The music is quite happy where it is, firmly ensconced on the couch in my brain, feet up on the table, cheerfully demanding cheese doodles and beer. I might as well let it get comfortable and stay a while. When music invites itself in like this, there is no way to fight it.

'We Are Here' has quite literally taken over my iTunes and my car stereo. Just peeked at my listening stats on and can't decide if I am delighted or embarassed by the fact that I have listened to Apparatjik 305 times and counting this week. On the one hand I am thrilled to have an album that so easily got under my skin, and I have enjoyed the experience of allowing the music to take me in completely. On the other hand looking at the numbers it seems a bit compulsive LOL.

Anyway, some interesting stuff to share today. The lovely Kim and her sister went to the Apparatjik gig on Monday and wrote this awesome review.

"But when the show started we were treated with animations as we have seen before on their myspace and facebook account and mixed within these projected animations were the shadows of the guys who were actually standing inside the cube and mostly joyful dancing around while they were playing their music. It was as chaotic as I describe it. To add up to this, they wore antlers, cubes and other undefined objects on their heads. They were clearly enjoying what they were doing. It was fun....It was a successful and joyful evening."

Somehow the word 'joyful' really got my attention. One of the things I like so much about this album is the joyful quality of it - it makes you want to move, to dance, to somehow expand beyond your normal expressions. The usual sub-tone of Scandinavian melancholy and darkness and complexity is still there, but overlaid many times with a delightful, energetic, synthetic warmth. What you get then is something balanced that lets you feel emotions on several different levels depending on your mood when you listen.

And while I am sending you places to read things, here's an album review that I enjoyed because of the obvious back history knowledge and the fact that the reviewer seems to have been converted from a potential naysayer to a total believer. I loved the way they described Apparatjik's web beginnings and 'the insane headfuck of their official website' - nice one LOL.

Have you reached saturation point yet? ;-)

Check out some great short clips from the Apparatjik concert on Monday night here. My favorites:

How I wish I was there, what an amazing night it must have been!
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