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'We Are Here' - debut album from Apparatjik

Earlier today, the eagerly awaited Apparatjik album 'We Are Here' was made available at The Outland (aka the web store).

Album Cover:

Track List:

Snow Crystals
Supersonic Sound
Arrow and Bow
In A Quiet Corner
Electric Eye
Look Kids
Quiz Show

The whole album is amazing, it's hard to choose any favorite tracks. The songs that rise to the top right now are 'Supersonic Sound' and 'Look Kids' - the former because it's totally sexy (is that weird?), and the latter because the chorus is entrancing.

Usually art makes me want to deconstruct things, not music, but for some reason with Apparatjik I always have the urge to 'figure it out'. With a collaboration like this, it is so tempting to try to identify out who wrote/sang/contributed what etc.

However a musician friend of mine gave me some great advice last summer. When I said I wanted to know his particular contributions to a song, and I felt a bit disconnected not being able to hear/point to something and know it was his, he said, "Don't feel that. You are listening to the MUSIC and that's the most  important thing. A lot of (especially young musicians) are too deep into technicalities and actually miss the whole picture; emotions." Wondering how it came together does take something away from the music experience, so I am trying to follow his advice and not think too much ;-)

Some short videos from Apparatjik's performance tonight in Berlin can be found here, and a translation of Norwegian media coverage from Berlin (NRK) can be found here.

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