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Pupparatjik workshop

pupparatjik - workshop with Ute Meta Bauer and Magne Furuholmen
Trondheim Academy of Fine Art - Norwegian University of Science and Technology

About the course:

"In this two-day workshop Ute Meta Bauer and Magne Furuholmen will create with the workshop participants a kind of puppet show interacting with shadow techniques and video projection.

Puppets are no innocent toys - they are figures animated and manipulated by the puppeteers. Puppets represent societal life in almost all cultures, and puppet plays with hand puppets, rod puppets, puppets on strings are to be found around the globe. The use of puppets in art works often deal with allegorical and symbolic meanings in order to play with the theatre of realities. One might just think of DADA, Surrealism or the famous Bauhaus Theatre, for example the stage plays by Oskar Schlemmer or the hand puppets created by Paul Klee.

Furthermore the workshop reflects upon scale & collage and puppets & video projections – both address the question of re-presentation.

Within the two days the students will have the chance to learn about or experiment different methods due to working collaboratively and in group constellations like members of bands do. In this regard it is of interest to think of “generosity” as an underlying principle – to share ones own artistic ideas with a group of people, and to reflect the impact that a collective working process has for ones individual work approach and artistic attitude.

The pupparatjik workshop will make use of the wood workshop, print workshop and the photo / video studio."

The creations:

On Wednesday, was taken over by pupparatjiks. Images and videos from the workshop have been constantly added since then on this page:

If you go to the site now, there are spaces to add your comments to the different workshop creations. I believe this is meant to be part of the exercise for the course, for the students to present their puppets and animations online and see what kind of feedback they get. Collaboration seems to be key throughout, so we're not just supposed to see the stuff but also to respond in some way.

You can tell from some of the videos that the group had fun and worked together in multiple 'constellations' and used an assortment of tools, materials and technology as the basis for their creations. It's surprising what a variety and volume of output a small group of people could produce in two days using such disconnected, antiquated, obsolete, random items. And it's very cool to see the extent to which the students delved into the concepts defined at the outset of the course. These 'tjiks sure are creative!

I haven't had a chance to look at everything yet, but will check it out tonight and try to offer some kind of response to as many creations as possible. In many cases I have no idea what I am supposed to get out of it, so that makes it rather hard to be constructive in my comments. But hopefully the students will appreciate that someone took the time to look at each thing and consider it thoughtfully, even if their conclusions may not be anything like what was intended. Or maybe they would value comments like that even more because multiple interpretations can mean success in this context.

It would be great if other people also joined in, since they seem to really want to know what the reaction is.

Thanks to for first posting this information.
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