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bonding with paper

What with all the activity around the holidays, I haven't had a chance to look at my print much at all. It has been languishing in its shipping box for a month now. It's so funny that often people get so impatient for something and when we have it in our hands we sure do take our time doing something with it!

Today it is gorgeously sunny for the first time in days, so I took out my print and put it on black posterboard on a table near the window so I could get a really good look at it. I wanted to take a picture of it to make an avatar (yes, I reduced fine art to 100px square, I feel dirty now LOL), and ended up taking a bunch of pictures to show some of the detail. If you're not completely fed up with my posts about Alpha Beta, there are some pictures here:

I know some of these pictures are sideways, but there is nothing wrong with them - this is actually how I took them. I spent some time looking at the print from all sides and these are my favorite regardless of the angle :-)

In all I took about 25 pictures, and when I downloaded them to my laptop I was surprised to see no less than five pictures of 'devious plots' from different angles. Should that tell me something? ;-)

I wondered when I saw the 'E' on Stolper's website whether the handwritten-looking letters really had this imprecise 'fuzzyness' about them, and they do!

Here you can see the fibers of the paper a bit, and the brush stroke effect behind the words on the light background. I couldn't really see that from Stolper's site, it seems to give the print some dimension.

Check out the relief from the letters on the back of the print.

More detail on the E's. No idea why I like this, but I do!

Does this black E remind you of that vision test you get at the DMV? I love the way the black kind of bleeds outside the border of the letter, not sure if that's on purpose but it looks really great having the strong letter edge blurred this way.

This backwards E was my favorite visual element of the print when I ordered it, but I only just now realized that it's the only print with a backwards letter on it.

How awesome is that? Love this angle! And this one too:

Oh and I have no idea what happened to my last blog post. It worked via semagic, I got a google alert, went to view the post on my iPhone, decided to edit one sentence, and POOF. Gone. So long story short, I heard that all the rest of the Alpha Beta prints should have been shipped by now and hopefully very soon everyone will have theirs. Also I heard that the entire edition was supposed to sell as complete portfolios, but because so many people had made requests to buy more moderately priced works of his, Magne asked Stolper to allocate some of the sets to be sold as individual prints. So glad he did or else I would be pining for this 'E' that I could never have owned :-)

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