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Alpha Beta - Edinburgh Printmakers

Magne F | Alpha Beta | 16 January to 6 March 2010
In association with the Paul Stolper Gallery, London
Galleries 2 & 3 | Edinburgh Printmakers | Scotland, UK

‘alpha-beta’ marks a logical conclusion Magne F’s fascination with and use of words and language over the last decade. The alphabet, broken down now to its smallest components - single letters, become building blocks placed in the hands of the viewer, to make new words and meaning as they see fit; initials or word combinations made up wholly outside the artist's control. “I like the idea of deconstructing constructions - my own or other people's. The alphabet can be seen as a kind of 'before' and 'after', as a marketplace of unused possibility, a place of components of possible words and as a scrapheap of language where all the meaning and intention is reduced to its smallest fragments.”

I totally dig that description. I posted this paragraph because it's new since the press release back in October, but also because of the use of 'conclusion' in relation to Magne's fascination with words and language over the last decade. I hadn't considered his recent art as part of a whole in that way, that the use of words, lyrics and letters in his artworks could be seen as part of a creative cycle that would reach a logical conclusion and end at some point - and that once it has its conclusion, the door would be presumably open for other expressions.

(yeah yeah, you guys know I am not good at writing about art, bear with me if I am not explaining myself well!)

This is kind of cool because as soon as I hear something is about to end, my imagination jumps ahead to what could be next, so I can't help but wonder what will form the basis of his next work.

However between a-ha retiring, this artistic 'conclusion', and a comment Magne made during the Radio Devon special about not being driven to record more solo music, it's a lot of 'ending' going on. It's hard not to wonder if there's not just one door closing on his creative outlets, but several at once, and that more than one of those doors won't reopen. If it's right for him, we have to respect it, but - you know - meh.

Anyway, Edinburgh Printmakers is a wonderful little gallery and if you're considering going there to see the 'Alpha Beta' prints, I would definitely encourage it. I had a great time there in 2004 for the opening of Payne's Gray, and I am still on the gallery's mailing list. It's always nice to read about the artists and works going through there; I was hoping to receive a postcard about 'Alpha Beta' from them, but alas no ;-)

My pictures from the Payne's Gray exhibit are here, along with some tourist pictures of fabulous Edinburgh. Would go back there in a heartbeat, there is so much of the city I didn't get to see last time.
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