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a-ha's final live song

Ever since the band's retirement announcement, fans have been talking about what should/could be a-ha's final live song on December 4, 2010. I think most of us are hoping it won't be 'Take On Me', despite the fact that it is the song responsible for a-ha's big breakthrough back in 1985. They've played 'Take On Me' at pretty much every concert ever, and although it is known worldwide and it continues to be a great live song, for many of us it has been reduced by exposure to an almost meaningless song - and we don't want that for the last song a-ha plays live.

We want the band to - or at least appear to - give the final song choice a lot of thought and pick something that will touch all of us in a special way at the end, to create a shared experience that has significance for the band and the fans. Nothing obvious, nothing overdone, but something deliberate and, sadly, final. When the last notes die away, and the people are cheering til their voices are raw and their hands are sore from clapping, we want to be *moved*. 'Take On Me' won't do it, not a chance.

That seems to be the basis of discussion I've seen online anyway. People have suggested lots of great ending songs, from 'Dark is the Night for All' (hello tear jerker!) to 'Touchy!' (with that one we'll be glad the last concert is over LOL) to 'Manhattan Skyline' (wave goodbye anyone?). Other choices have been 'Hunting High and Low', 'Stay on These Roads', 'The Bandstand' and 'Soft Rains of April'. However my current vote for last live song is 'Foot of the Mountain.'

When you look at a-ha's 25 year career, it's pretty much sandwiched between the successes of 'Take on Me' and 'Foot of the Mountain'. Granted, there were some big hits in between that charted in more countries worldwide than FOTM, but FOTM has been in the German charts for 23 weeks and the album charted at #5 in the UK. Since the FOTM single is what brought a-ha this crowning success before their retirement, I think it's a great choice for a final live song.

FOTM is very upbeat like TOM, and will have the audience on their feet. Not to mention the sentiments in the song are very suitable for the occasion: seeking a quiet place outside the rat race, somewhere peaceful and calm, where you can open a new chapter. Every time I hear the song and the final words, 'see how it ends' I think those would make fantastic last live lyrics.

When the song first came out, I knew it would never lose its 'Longest Night' associations for me, and I had to get used to that a bit. But now as a fan of Magne's solo music, I am really glad that a-ha's final big single has his stamp all over it; and as an a-ha fan, I am just as glad that their final big single was co-written by both Magne and Paul, who have written so many great songs together. OK, so it wasn't co-written in the usual sense but I'll take what I can get. They both contributed key elements and that's the important thing.

Some fans have suggested a brand new song from a-ha, written for the occasion, and of course I wouldn't be disappointed with that ;-)
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