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Apparatjik live gig

An event showed up on Apparatjik's page sometime in the past few days and was discovered by the Apparatacle. I was skeptical at first because anyone can add events to so it's always best to get another confirmation if possible.

However today @Apparatjik tweeted 'Keep it cryptic in Berlin' and @aspirelondon tweeted 'We can confirm Berlin will be happening, for any Apparatjik fans wondering :-)" So that's the scoop - live gig in Berlin coming up Monday 1 February 2010 at 9:00pm:

CTM.10, the 11th edition of Berlin’s festival for Adventurous Music and Related Visual Arts, will take place under the theme OVERLAP – Structures II: Sound and Other Media from January 28 till February 7, 2010 at various venues in Berlin. Check the website or blog for latest news.

Get your tickets and passes for CTM.10 (and transmediale.10) here:

Very curious about this of course, and looking forward to details from the folks who will be there.
Tags: apparatjik, concerts

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