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through rain and sleet and snow...

Within minutes of receiving a newsletter update about the shipping of the 'Alpha Beta' prints on Wednesday, I saw on Facebook that several friends had received their prints already. Normally mail (especially parcels) takes about another week to reach me here, so I figured I could start watching the post on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

So I was very surprised this morning when, as I sat in my kitchen with a good book and a cup of hot cocoa, the mailman jumped out of his truck and came up to our door - in the midst of the biggest snowstorm we've had in 13 years. The snow is still falling, they're projecting as much as 24" to fall before tonight. I signed for the package and thanked him, and he bounded back to the relative warmth of his truck. A moment later, the truck was stuck and spinning its tires, and a few neighbors who were out shoveling rushed over to help him on his way.

Just so you can see what this intrepid mail carrier had to get through to do his rounds today (apologies for the crappy photoshopping!):

And to spare the flist, see the rest of my pictures here:

The album cover is a nice matte black, numbered and signed in white. Mine is # 47/500. I'm quite happy with such a low number!

And here is my print, which is # 36/46:

The whole package, including that awesome purple vinyl:

I don't have a record player myself, but my dad is going to lend me the one he bought for my mom to convert her albums to CD. I won't see my parents until next weekend though, so I have to be patient a little bit longer :-)

Here is the track list for Word Symphony ("whatever it is is music and havoc"):

side a

1 before beautiful beginnings
2 bad mistake
3 come here
4 run, forest
5 mmyeahee
6 you need never worry (one liner)
7 no mystery, no meaning
8 making it real from memory

side b

1 it starts here
2 you & i with me
3 come backwards
4 the adjectivist
5 you are trying too hard
6 re verb orator
7 it ends now
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