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disconnected randomness 2

I knew I had forgotten something!

The fabulous and talented Apparatacle has put in many hours setting up a spiffy new discussion forum for Apparatjik fans, since the last one was error-tastic and chock full of bah humbug. The new forum is over here, be sure to update your bookmarks and get on in there.

Check out this thread for our newest secret squirrel project, which is not so secret since I am blogging about it here and the thread is public...but let's all pretend, mmkay? ;-)

Some smart chick on the forum has also come up with the new term 'apparaddicts' which is vastly appropriate for most of us.

Oh and I've edited my last post to correct a mis-assumption on my part regarding a potential Christmas-time prezzie from Apparatjik. Honest mistake, my bad, etc. Still: good things coming!
Tags: apparatjik, disconnected randomness
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