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As one of the 30 Apparatjiks who sent in a synopsis to the eyeoncommittee, I've just received an e-mail containing a track called 'Electric Eye.' I am currently two minutes into my first listen of the song and I am literally *itching* to share this awesomeness with everyone I know.

Here's a first pass at the lyrics (will edit on subsequent listens, I'm sure):

I can see a point where all our futures meet
Where we are going and every place we've been
Through all the static I hear you calling
Please switch yourself off, don't keep me holding on


I could be a soldier
I could be a humanoid
I could be an ion far away from home

I wanna feel you closer to me
I wanna hold you in my arms
I wanna be a part of everything
I want to be apart


All I can say is: astonishing piece of music. Just fucking wow. Spine-tingling, multi-layered audio chocolate goodness.

If this one track is any indication, the Apparatjik album is going to get way under my skin. There must be a name for the feeling that comes over you when you've discovered a bit of music that grabs you like this...Anyway, will write more when I am coherent.

In the meantime, the general public will get a free download of an extended version of the track on November 30 on

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