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So in the process of absorbing the 'Alpha Beta' project, I probably went to Stolper's website about 15 times and viewed the mailing list message a few times as well, but somehow didn't notice until today this little, quiet, unassuming tidbit:

"The portfolio will be offered to collectors and institutions and presented in Oslo, London, and New York, October/November 2009."

Well hello there little tidbit. I almost missed you but there you are, making me curious. New York you say? My first thought was maybe some of the prints would make their way over for the E|AB Fair on the first weekend of November (meaning I couldn't go because I'll be in Oslo), but when I checked the E|AB website it looks like Stolper won't even be there.

The plot thickens. New York is totally doable and I'd love to see the whole portfolio. Must send the delightful Louise an e-mail to find out what's what.

Slight aside: today I launched a re-themed site. I felt like it needed to be refreshed a bit before I went into a-ha overdrive later this month, because I probably won't have time to touch it design-wise until mid-next year, if not later. The media archive is in dire need of updating, I haven't even started on 2009, but ever since my husband flaked out on the database he had to fix last year I've been too annoyed to spend any time on it - I mean hard-coding all that media stuff and maintaining a database at the same time? Sorry but I just don't have that much free time! ;-)
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